Friday, March 23, 2007

More steady progress...

Four more eyelets to go! Four and then the little bodice will be done. Now, I need to work out a cunning plan to detach Charlie (the cat) from my side long enough to complete this project and all will be fine.

This week I've been gearing myself up for a critical migration at work which will see me working through the coming weekend, so I've been fairly wiped out by the time I get home. However, I have managed to knit another fifty rows or so of the wobbly line scarf and now with the end in sight, I just want to get this one done so I can move on.

I did see something interesting at the Knit-Wits meeting on Wednesday night where one of the ladies admited to knitting backwards. That is, she knits across the row and then knits back without turning her work. I watched her in action and she did seem to have a fair speed going there. Intrigued, I browsed Knitty and came across this article. And yes, I can see that not turning your work would be very useful if you're working something complicated or involving more than one thread - much like why you'd use the non-turn lucet techniques. One to bear in mind for the future, should I ever get really good at knitting...


Richard said...

So what's left to do for Easter?

Julie said...

Not too much, thank goodness - with only one free weekend before Easter I'd be panicking otherwise!

I have to get the bodice finished and then sort out the waistband on the skirt to go with it. Then I need to do a costume check to see which of my existing costume for that character can be worn over the top.

Otherwise I'm all sorted and only need to think about camping stuff.

Once we get past Easter, it is of course another matter. I do need to make a jacket to go over the bump and I'll have to make copies of the skirt, bodice and jacket before we reach August. I also want to make some culottes for Bel, some bits and pieces for Strangehaven, plus other oddments... I must make a list!

Richard said...

Your list
1 jacket with bump fittings for Dr G
1 pair of culottes for Bel
1 skirt for Dr G
1 bodice for Dr G
3 or 4 changes of costume for Safehaven characters so you don’t have to rely too much on the smelly stuff.
Bits and pieces for Strangehaven
Nose warmer

My list (including things I may purchase if available)
1 pair of breeches to go with the coat and waistcoat recently acquired
1 Jacket coat for Guru
3 or 4 changes of costume for Safehaven characters so I don’t have to rely too much on the smelly stuff
Bits and pieces for Strangehaven.
Neck bag