Thursday, April 05, 2007

Last night, I learned how to make stitch markers...

With a bank holiday weekend looming, I shall be heading off to Candleston Campsite to do a spot of LARPing for the next few days. Very gingerly LARPing, avoiding all physical activities which might impact on my poor knee which is aching as I type this. The weather forecasts look good although I'm not looking forward to the cold nights and have packed my hotwater bottle in preparation.

Mostly, I am looking forward to escaping work for a few days and allowing my mind to drift onto subjects which do not revolve entirely around the University.

I made a special effort last night, escaping from work almost on time and again made it to the Knitwits meeting in time to get a good seat. It was workshop time and I had raided my bead stock and Dave's modelling tools in anticipation of learning how to make stitch markers.

And here are the results!

Aren't they pretty? I should have put a coin in the picture to give some idea of scale, but these little dangly things are about the size of an earring. I started out making the loop style ones which sit on a needle, but as I crochet as well, I thought the hook ones might be more useful.

These stitch markers are my first real effort in a long time to use beads as something other than an embellishment and I think they turned out very well. So well in fact, that I may have to make some more... Although I will have to buy my own tools first.

(Click on the picture to see a bigger version.)


Richard said...

very nice, I presume not being a knitter or crochet'er (not sure what the word is for someone who crochet's) they are used to mark stitches?

Julie said...

You use them to mark places in your work that are important. So where you might want to increase or decrease, or to help you count rows and generally help you to remember where you are.

I normally use plastic coated paperclips, which will do exactly the same thing, but are no where near so pretty. :)