Monday, April 02, 2007

Trees, bugs and bumps, tis the season methinks...

This weekend I finally escaped from work at 6pm on Friday evening but I don't think I really switched off until the next morning. Having worked straight through, I didn't have much time for sitting around and the past couple of days have been centred around housework and getting things ready for next weekend.

We headed off to the local camping shop and showed great restraint, only buying what we actually went in for! Which was of course gas, a new foot pump and the endless requirement for citronella. Personally, I'm hoping that next weekend the bugs stay away but you never know, the little blighters could wake up early rather than remembering they're supposed to stay dormant until May.

Once we were home again, I busied myself in the house, cooking, cleaning, tidying... All those really essential but boring tasks that never seem to get done if I have to work a lot of hours. The cats took themselves out sunbathing whilst Dave locked himself in the shed, working as always on how to transform himself into a tree.

And here he is in person in tree guise.

I have banned him from the house in case he takes out the light fittings and asked him not to wear this mask in front of Missy. She took serious offence to his Russian hat which makes it look like he's wearing a cat on his head. If he shows her this mask, I think it will remove any doubts from her mind that he is indeed a cat eating monster in disguise.

In between all the cleaning, I did finish the waistband for the skirt to go over the bump and found time for a costume check, hence we have a couple of pictures of me in full padding. Once I'd put the robes on top of the bump, I've got to admit it was scarily convincing - which was of course the point - and I spent a good few minutes standing in front of the mirror staring in shock.

I haven't had time to make up a new jacket as yet, so I've pulled out the one I made a couple of years ago. As with everything - other than overrobes - I make for the character in question, this jacket is fitted but as it is centre fastening I'll get away with wearing it open as demonstrated here. All of which means I'm all set for next weekend.

Except for the customary pouches... I have no idea how I'm going to wear those!

(Click on the pictures to see bigger versions)


Richard said...

Dave looks good or rather his tree does, I think Missy would indeed have a problem with a tree eating monster especially if it took out the lights as it travelled the house.

Crikey your pregnant, I can't see the pouches working, unless you sling them over the shoulder, I think it will have to be all kept in a shoulder bag

Anonymous said...

Wow, Julie - the costume looks great - very convincing!

Esther said...

pouches and bumps don't go.. in fact there are all sotrs of tales about wearing belts of any sort being bad for the baby.. knots signifying the cord getting tied and so forth :)

use a bag.

Julie said...

"...knots signifying the cord getting tied and so forth"

Oh dear.

Being a very, very old school Faerie at heart and not wanting to tempt my sister Fate, I shall have to take your advice... ;)

Plus, if I try to wear belt pouches they're going to end up under my armpits which are neither useful or comfortable!

Now... What to do for a bag...

Julie said...

Dave looks good or rather his tree does...

I'm actually a little concerned about the tree and Dave overheating. He has a terrible track record with armour of any kind, especially if it involves a helmet or a hat. The tree suit is essentially a set of articulated armour with a full head mask all of which is made from high density foam and covered in latex. He's promised to drill some holes in it for ventilation and carry water, but I can see him collapsing with heat stroke if the sun comes out. :(

Julie said...

Thanks Mandy! :)