Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oooh... Pretty Lace

I'm still in the land of the living after spending the weekend at Candleston doing Shards. While the event was great as always, I think the weather did for me. As the forecasts predicted, it started raining overnight on Saturday and continued into Sunday. While it did let up a bit as the day wore on, the temperature also dropped and the wind picked up. All of which meant that I froze and as anyone who knows me could tell you, I really do not cope well with being cold.

Naturally I was back at work yesterday, where I found my long anticipated books waiting for me in the Telephone Exchange. Facing a backlog of work - and mad traffic queues having delayed my arrival - I resisted opening the multiple packages until the end of the day. When I did, I quickly flipped through the first two, images from which were driven from my mind by the contents of Victorian Lace Today.

Of this book, all I can say is wow!!!! Talk about eye candy... I flicked through and I can't say there is a single project in there that I didn't like. Several got a flicker of interest to the point I stared at the patterns - which I can't actually understand, but hey, give me time and I *will*. Each piece is beautifully photographed in historical settings and the author writes a bit about the original publisher which makes it interesting reading... Ultimately though, wow!

So... I guess I need to give lace knitting a try.


Richard said...

It was so very energy sapping cold, I was still full of post event energy yesterday until about 9pm last night when I slumped, I'm at work today working by will power alone since I so very tired.

Frizbe said...

Agree twas very cold, but not as cold as the house when I got back!

The lace thing looks interesting, let me know how you get on!

Julie said...

The lace looks good but I fear will have to wait until I have some time to do something, anything... Work and life are not co-operating at the moment and have you looked at our collective diary?!!!!

In the meantime if you have any spare 'Ooomph!' please send it my way... Still very tired here in Coventry and I have to get through working this weekend with no let up until... Er... Help?

Frizbe said...

Have lots of ooomph!!!! I'm starting to feel normal again today, slowly......try my apple cake recipe, its helped I'm sure.
Much thanks for the running on bad knee to get 1st aider as well, thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope the knee isn't too bad now?

Frizbe said...

PS: Go and read Meridianariel's blog on the bottom of my links and tell her she wasn't that bad at roleplaying will ya! cheers!