Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another jacket in plum

This weekend just gone was my first free weekend in about five weeks! What with working and events, I'd just about forgotten what it's like to be able to spend a whole weekend running errands, getting on with projects and of course resting.

Once I'd done the whirlwind tour of town, dealt with domestic necessities and argued with the computer, there wasn't as much time left over for making stuff as I'd have liked, but I did manage to get this finished. Although I had to be very sneaky to sew on those frogs without Charlie's assistance.

Spurred into action on this one by nearly cooking at the event last week. It's a lightweight jacket intended for use in Shards, made as always out of wool and lined in cotton. I've added in extra fabric at the sides to accomodate the padding that is the bump and deliberately stopped the frogs just where it's rise should be. The idea was to make the jacket wearable without the padding, since it's a lot of effort to go to for something I'll only need for two months or so.

I also vented the forearms, using hooks and eyes set in alternate orientation to hold the seam closed. i.e. on one side you have hook, eye, hook, eye and on the other side eye, hook, eye, hook and so on. Basically, this prevents the hooks and eyes from undoing easily by themselves as they will do regularly if you have all of the hooks on one side and all of the eyes on the others (something I picked up on from examining theatrical costume).

As always click on the pictures to see bigger versions.


Richard said...

You should have let Charlie have a go, I let Jasmine guide the fabric through my sewing machine with her paws :)
Looks good and bump friendly, is the wool same as used for DrG's last dress, just going by the colour in the photo's

Julie said...

Yep, the wool is left over from the robe I made last year - hence should look similar enough to be part of the same wardrobe.

And those frogs were hand sewn on, something you usually require thumbs for... Which Charlie doesn't have. He does however do a good line in lying on things, patting things and running away with small fiddly bits.

Frizbe said...

looking good shall see you in it soon!