Thursday, August 02, 2007

As I sit here shivering...

A couple of weeks after moving from my sub tropical office, in which the temperature rarely dropped below 28C, I have now decided I hate air conditioning. Or rather, I have a strong dislike for aircon which is set to an inhumanly low temperature, blows fiercely, has no obvious temperature or direction controls and the only way to deal with it's bitterly cold enslaught is to use a very long stick to close the vent immediately in front of my desk. Sadly, the vent reopens itself as soon as my back is turned and I am engaged in a never ending battle to try to stop myself from being chilled to the bone.

A complaint has been registered (the maintenance guys are coming to rue the day I moved) and even though a guy from the environmental office showed up and played with the controls for an hour, he could not stop the offending vent from blasting freezing cold air at my desk hour after hour as I try to work. I suspect there is nothing for it and I will be forced to bring a cardi and gloves into work to combat the cold.

The cotton I ordered from Chawla's showed up yesterday afternoon, so top marks to them for service and delivery. I ordered on Sunday afternoon, so three working days - including Monday as the day they processed the order - is not bad at all. The fabric itself is as advertised and I forsee much sewing in my near future. So much sewing and so little time, which means I've warned Dave he might need to lend a hand. It is for him after all!

I headed off to Knitwits last night, but didn't make much progress on the scarf I'm working on as I didn't seem to be able to concentrate. I kept making mistakes, loosing count and having to unknit stitches which was proving frustrating.

I'm going to put it down to where I was sitting; the accoustics seemed to be making everything echo and very loud so it felt as if I was being overwhelmed by noise which crept up on me as the evening pressed on. I've been sat on that side of the room before and the noise has never been a problem in the past so I'm not sure what was going on there. Perhaps I was feeling more sensitive to it? Or they moved something in the room? Wierd really.

Right, I'm off to find a long stick. I have an aircon vent to prod.

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