Friday, February 01, 2008

Quiet week in Coventry

It's been a quiet week on the crafting front, although things have been moving steadily in the right direction. I've nearly reached the toe on the first of Dave's socks and I'm bracing myself for the bit of sock knitting I don't like. For some reason, the toe is where it goes wrong for me, possibly to do with the fiddliness of juggling so few stitches on tiny needles. However, since I believe Dave does want socks equipped with toes I shall have to take a deep breath and push on...

Dave reports the scarf is exactly what he wanted. It is apparently long enough to wrap around his neck twice with enough left over to tuck into his coat. He says it is wide enough that he can pull it up over his face which is the way he likes to wear scarves, it is soft and warm and the colour is perfect. I don't think I've heard him enthuse about a scarf before and he may well be humouring me, but I think I can infer from his comments that he likes the scarf - which is a good thing.

I also had the picture of my first socks selected as a featured photograph in Ravelry this week, which made me smile all day. It's not only an endorsement of my first socks but of my picture taking ability. Knitting is not one of the easiest things to photograph, so these little compliments do wonders for improving my mood.

In other news, I'm racking my brain trying to come up with ways to gradually increase my exercise levels. I've been forced to cut exercise for the past eighteen months or so, due to my knee injury, but with the physio's instructions to gradually increase exercise so I build stamina but no overdoing it, I'm left in a quandry as to what to do to achieve this. At the moment, I considering Tai Chi, Swimming, Yoga and whether I should buy a bicycle.

All have their problems, mostly to do with long working hours and how to fit exercise sessions in; while the thought of cycling to work is worrisome because of the state of the roads, congestion and the insane people who make up a fair percentage of road users. Whatever I do decide on in the way of exercise, it has to be low impact (the knee is still there after all), not too expensive and accessible to someone who works very long days...


Richard said...

My vote is for swimming, Tai Chi, yoga since I'm afraid I see road cycling as dangerous so try to put any friends off, although saying that consider it myself ocasionally, every spring when I'm sitting in traffic.
Do they have Gym or pool where you work that you could go to after work or at lunch?

David said...

I like the scarf

Meridian Ariel said...

I haven't tried tai chi yet but yoga is very good, its low impact but it stretches your muscles and gets your joints moving.. and is very calming with all the relaxing and breathing.

your knitting is georgeous... my knitting is sad... I a dare not ever make sock I dread to think what they would look like. :o)

Julie said...

Richard - Yes, there are sports facilities where I work... but... they're on the other campus so a good 30 minute walk away. You also have to pay membership fees to use them as you would any private gym, although I believe there is a pay per use scheme but I don't know the details. The website is not the clearest on this kind of thing.

The draw of cycling is that I wouldn't have to find extra time in the day or week to go.

Dave - Yep. I know you like the scarf. :D

Meridian Ariel - Thanks for the info about yoga.

Don't sell yourself short on the knitting front. You do make some lovely things and socks are not that difficult. If you can knit, purl and do basic decreases, you can knit a sock. :)