Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tremors in the night

Did the earth move for you?

It did for us in Coventry two nights ago with an earthquake striking a couple of minutes before 1am. The bed shook, there was a bang and a loud rumbling, the cats jumped off the bed and there was the sound of a small herd of tiny elephants running downstairs at speed (Charlie and Missy are not light footed).

Dave woke with an exclamation of "Whuh?!!!!", to which I replied by calmly saying, "It's the cats."

What can I say, other than the normal cause of disturbances in the middle of the night are the cats. I woke as they fled the scene and naturally, my sleep befuddled brain put the noise, the movement and the rapidly departing cats together and came to the most natural conclusion.

I have apologised to the cats.


Richard said...

Are you sure it wasn't Charlie who caused the earthquake, you know cats can portal and if Charlie opened a portal in Lincolnshire he's a big cat and it may have been his fault.
Me I slept like a log through the whole thing, although Jasmine woke me a little agitated, the Earthquake didn't.

Frizbe said...

Mort (my mums cat) stayed firmly outside the house that night, he flatly refused to come inside at bed time, something he never does! The sure do know what's going on eh!