Thursday, February 01, 2007

One jacket very nearly complete

All the button holes are done... Just 22 buttons to sew on and then some vigourous ironing!

Knit-Wits was fun last night and I made good progress on the scarf I'm crocheting. The difference in how quickly something can be made up when crocheted compared to knitting is striking though. I started this scarf (a loud version of the one skein scarf from The Happy Hooker) on Monday night whilst watching TV as I couldn't face sewing button holes. I picked it up again last night and with only the border to go now, I'd say that one more evening and it will be done.

In other news I'm getting a hankering to use my lucet again. I don't have any particular need to make laces, but I found myself thinking about decent gimps and whether I should experiment with a different base yarn while I was driving to work this morning. All of which means I may have to make some laces just to get it out of my system.

Edited to add link
I have a double lucet that Dave bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago, but have no idea how to use... And I just found instructions! Yay! A happy me.


Richard said...

I just learnt something I did not know, I clicked on your lucet link out of curiosity to where it would take me and the site said there is no positive evidence the Lucet was used before 16th Century well after doing 13th/14th and 15th C medieval re-enactment for 20 years and seeing people making braid using a lucet I just assumed it was a definite period item, still could be I know, but not 100% definite.

Julie said...

There is another reference to it here...

And again you'll see it says 'believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods'.

Which means that people think there was a lucet like tool in use to make cords, but can't prove it presumably.