Thursday, February 22, 2007

Opportunities to spend money, lots of money

This Saturday I shall be off to the LARP Fair in Yorkshire and reading down through the list of confirmed traders, I'm happy to see old favourites like Herts Fabrics and Jim the Pot...

Which means that I can buy fabric and giant mugs, yay!

Of course, I don't actually need giant mugs but I do need fabric... I always need fabric.

It is also interesting since both of the aforementioned traders and several of the others on the list normally aim their business at re-enactors. Jim (the Pot) of Trinity Court Potteries is notorious for giving fascinating lectures about the historical significance of each of his pots and will refuse to sell you something if it isn't your period. A sign of how things have moved along I guess, since I know that a lot roleplayers regularly attend historical markets in the ever continuing search for kit.

Time to compile a list methinks.

And check my bank balance.

1 comment:

Richard said...

Might see you there :)

Just remind me, I have no need to buy things I don't need.