Monday, February 05, 2007

Scarf and Jacket

This weekend I seem to have done a lot of faffing and not much just getting on with making things up. My excuse... I was in pain; I have good days and bad days with my knee and this weekend counted as bad. I blame the weather, I really don't cope with cold and while the sun was out, we have to remember it *is* February.

Anyway, when not moving in a gingerly fashion or worrying about cats I did sew on a lot of buttons and finish the scarf I was crocheting. I decided on the style of top and jacket I need for Shards so only really have the skirt to sort out in my head now. I also cut out the first pieces of batting for baby bump mark 2, fitted the base to me and started sewing the first few layers together. So not a total loss, I guess.

And so some pictures...

First up, time to inject some colour into the procedings with a loud version of the one skien scarf from The Happy Hooker.

I liked the way this one made up, the instructions were clear and since it only uses a single stitch type (doubles or trebles depending on whether you're reading American or British patterns) it was easy and made up very quickly. The photo here doesn't really do it justice - in the flesh it makes me think of smarties - but worn over a plain dark layer and wrapped a couple times around my neck it looked quite pretty in a colourful way. :)

The jacket for Shards is also finished. This one is in brown cotton moleskin and lined in cotton (back and sleeves) and silk (front and skirts). Those flaps conceal real, functioning pockets!

I've yet to wear it over the full kit, so don't have any photo's of it in context I'm afraid, but picture it over full culottes and worn with a tricorn and I think you get the idea.

And finally, for those who might wish to see... A flash of the hideous diamond check pink silk lining, which I think is just perfect. :D


Esther said...

Jacket looks great. The binding really adds to it and I think the lining is great !

Richard said...

Really love the Jacket, can't wait to see whole costume.
Congratulations on the pockets

Julie said...

Isn't the lining fantastic? Richard persuaded me to buy it after I spotted it going cheap (ish) on Anne Laverick's stall. The man looked at me like I'd gone mad when I asked for six meters! In my defence though, it's only 54" wide and horribly wasteful to cut.

Next time I make pockets (and it could be a long while, given how much faffing was involved in adding them) I will make deeper ones. This time out I was following instructions and I don't think the author of the book has any appreciation for how big a derringer is! ;)