Thursday, January 25, 2007

And the search continues

As the search for my next knitting project continues, I thought I'd google for
'free scarf pattern'...

The following are just a tiny selection that came up in the first two links on the page Google returned. Notably, just one crochet scarf and the rest are knitted. Having ploughed through, I saved the links to the ones I like and might want to have a go at...

Asherton Reversible Scarf
(simple knit and purl;I like this one)

“Athena” One Ball Scarf (a sort of diagonal effect?)

Bramble scarf (patterned and looks complicated)

Cameron scarf (patterned and looks complicated)

Danica (from Knitty; an entralac - looks very pretty but I wouldn't know where to start)

Illusions (A kind of fake cable thing going on)

Lavender Scarf (not disimilar from the one I'm currently knitting)

Manly Cable Scarf (has a single cable running down the middle - author says ideal for beginners who've never knit one before)

Medeira Lace Scarf (the only lace one on the list since I've avoided them as they look complicated - however this one says its ideal for beginners...)

Merino Stripes wide scarf

Party Ribbon + Kid Merino (drop stitch scarf, knit with two strands)

Rainy Day Scarf (A sort of wavy line scarf, done in just knit and purl)

Spike Stitch Crochet Scarf (looks fairly easy, made up in two colours)


steelbreeze said...

OOh, I keep meaning to try spike stitch - it's dead easy, too, so no excuses really!

Julie said...

It certainly looks easy enough - and here's me trying to extend my crochet repetoire. :)

Richard said...

I'm not qualified to comment on the skill involved in knitting the scarves however the Danica scarf looks good and the Manly Cable scarf comes with a interesting attachment at the end.
From the sites you have picked however the Bramble scarf looks a interesting tasks for your knitting.

Julie said...

I quite like them all which was why I listed them here as possible makes. :)

I'm leaning towards either the Asherton Reversible or the Rainy Day scarf I think... But I may well have to come back to the others as my ability to knit improves.