Monday, January 15, 2007

Of pockets and such like

I really shouldn't be allowed near Hobbycraft when there is a sale on. I just don't have the self control needed to negotiate my way around the shelves with so many goodies displayed at less than half price. And deciding to go in with Dave (who has significantly less self control that I do) is just asking for us to buy things.

I only went in for some sewing and machine needles and bias binding yet came out with a bag full of yarn, but at least I remembered to buy what I stepped into the shop for! I lost track of Dave while I was mesmerised by habberdashery, but found him again 20 minutes later by which time he was wandering around beaming as he held on tightly to a basket full of paints.

Shopping trip (and visit to the tip to dispose of the old TV) over we went home, where I settled down to work on a jacket for Shards and Dave (inspired by paint) vanished upstairs to stare at his orcs.

This weekend I made pockets. And pocket flaps. And cuffs. Cue me kneeling on the floor for a couple of hours on Saturday morning as I peered at the pattern I'd drafted, worked out how big pockets are supposed to be and with the help of Power Sewing decided on a construction method.

First problem was the instructions in the book made lots of assumptions, but naturally didn't tell you what those assumptions were. It also lost track of stages, such as when to remove previously sewn tacking and what is now attached to what, finished size and depth and so on. This is a gripe I frequently have with the book in question; when you're trying a new technique for the first time these little details matter! At least the pocket instructions were listed in the index and easily found, which is a rarity with this particular book.

Anyhow, I finally got there. A full weekend's efforts later and I have put pockets onto the skirt panels for the jacket. The slightly shaped, lined flaps have hand sewn bias binding and handsewn button holes so look the part.

Dave is happy since he says he can ask me to put pockets in his costume now... Me, I say it seems like an awful lot of effort to go to just so you can have a pocket and I can see why belts with pouches are a popular alternative!

The other thing I noted was how *long* it took me to sew things. I'm out of practise having not really made anything since September and it certainly showed. It also hurt, with muscle pains in my hands and shoulders adding to my knee woes. The latter being upset by a weekend of kneeling, standing at the ironing board and 'trotting' (OK, a slow hobble, wincing with every step) up and down the stairs to the sewing machine.


Richard said...

So did Dave came home with 6 pots of green paint, plus 2 olive, 3 emerald and couple of other colours. Hobby craft in Nottingham closed and moved out of town, and not sure where too

Btw you have put me off ever wanting to do pockets

Julie said...

You are remarkably close with your guess on paint colours. :-S He was particularly pleased with something called 'Poets Green', which is a sort of pale, creamy sage with a hint of mint.