Thursday, January 11, 2007

Steady progress...

Headed off to Coventry's Knit-Wits again last night and I guess its a measure of how enjoyable I found it that time quite litterally seemed to fly by. Esther came along as well (along with quite a few other new people) and everyone fell in love with her little needle felted bear.

I continued knitting the scarf I restarted (for the fifth time) the day after New Years Day - which, incidently, seems like months ago rather than last week. I've made some errors in the pattern, but since the tension is fairly even, there are no unexpected holes and overall it looks good I've decided to finish it rather than ripping it out yet again. It's coming along nicely, has some decent length to it now and actually looks like a scarf (so says Dave).

I'm also still considering my options for the jacket I'm making for my new Shards character.

I finished drafting it, along with my first ever two piece tailored sleeve block, which took me nearly two hours to get right! The fabric has been cut, the brown moleskin looks good and fortunately the hideous pink silk no longer seams quite so overwhelming in smaller quantities. Dave now admits that it may look quite 'fly' once made up and that cutting it has 'transformed' it. :)

I still have to edge the lot before starting construction, but while I'm building up the stamina to sit at my sewing machine for over an hour straight (my poor knee is throbbing just writing about it) I'm thinking about how to pretify it. This translates to my mind being very much on bindings and buttonholes at the moment.

In other news... Stairs are my enemy at the moment. Going up them burns, coming down them is agony - particularly the stairs at work for some bizarre reason. All I can say is thank goodness I'm not due to visit Shining Death for a few more weeks!

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