Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Hat and a Scarf

And to cheer myself up, some pictures of things I made over the past few weeks. :)

This first is another scarf made out of ribbon, completed in mid December but not posted here since it was intended as a Christmas present. Again, crocheted with big loops to show off the ribbon to its best effect. I prefer this one to the pastel one as I think the colours came out so much more vibrant once made up.

This little hat is baby sized and was completed in about five hours, which took me by surprise. Never having made anything for small people before I didn't know how quickly a hat this size would work up! I gave it to my newest niece Esha, much to the delight of her mother who declared she wanted one. I told her she should be careful what she says!


Richard Hunt said...

The ribbon scarf looks very posh, and I don't think the photo does it justice, and I suspect its very tactile.

Is the the same style hat you made as your erm.. experiment.

Julie said...

Nope. The hat was made using a completely different pattern, which is why it probably came out OK. I will revisit the hat pattern soon though...