Monday, January 22, 2007

In the home stretch

This weekend I mostly worked on the jacket for Shards, getting the bulk of the construction done. Now, all of the seams are machined and the lining is sewn to the outer shell, while the cuffs are attached as are the skirts.

That leaves bias tape to sew to the front of the jacket and to the inside of the sleeve caps and I need to close the bottom of the lining at the back. Once that's done I'll still need to sew many button holes and attach buttons before giving it a good pressing... So quite a way to go yet, but this is the home stretch.

Photo's will be along in due course. :)

This morning, I measured the scarf I'm knitting (my first ever) - it is just over 61 inches long! I'm very impressed with myself since that means it's very nearly finished and also kind of sad since I've become quite attached to having it on my lap. However, I can't keep adding meters of scarf so I guess I need to find a substitute.

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Richard said...

Sounds like a good productive weekend, I think my weekend was my laziest for years, I blame the cat, she pinned me to the chair.