Friday, July 13, 2007

The dangers of Hobbycraft

Today I popped into Hobbycraft to buy some cotton tape. It was a genuine errand, because the bump is growing and I'm starting to pull out the layers to the side and top, meaning it will soon be done. Only, now it is so much bigger it's going to need an extra strap to give it a bit more support under the bust and one inch cotton tape will do the trick nicely.

So off I drove to Hobbycraft, because I didn't really want to head into Coventry and more specifically the market just for cotton tape.

Sadly, Hobbycraft did not have any cotton tape, either carded or on a reel. Obviously, I had to search the store - just in case - to make sure they hadn't hidden it anywhere else. Of course, I totally forgot the inherent danger in searching a store such as Hobbycraft.

I came away with a pair of bent cable needles, which I'm going to need if I put my newly taught ability to knit cables to use. Seven different satin bias bindings, all very pretty. Some buttons, also pretty. A knitting needle bag. Oh and some angora yarn... OK quite a bit of angora yarn which just looked too fluffy and soft and in colours I liked, that I bought it. Which of course means I'm going to have to knit more scarves. I can see what everyone is going to get for Christmas this year!

I blame work. It's been a hard week since I've had to move office, which entailed packing up a whole lot of stuff and throwing even more stuff away since I was moving to a cubicle. Then I persuaded my (nice) boss into helping me carry everything to a van so we could drive it a mile up the road and then unload it again. On arrival, the lift ate my chair. It's still in there three days later, nice and securely locked in a steel cage that appears to be stuck six inches up from floor level. Hopefully, someone will arrive some day soon to release it...

Hence, after the week I've had, I probably should have avoided Hobbycraft which is packed full of goodies. At least I didn't make it onto the mezzanine, or I'd have acquired books and beads and tools and numerous other goodies.

Now, all I have to do is see if Dave can be persuaded to go into Coventry market for me, after all I do still need that cotton tape...


Frizbe said...

Haven't got one near us, phew!

Richard said...

Well the one at Nottingham is not to far, even though its now move out the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre.