Monday, July 16, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have baby bump mark 2.5

The bump is done!!!!!!

This bump is mark 2.5 since it's actually the first bump I made, enlarged last year from six months to nine months and I've just enlarged again, to represent two occupants rather than one.

The picture was taken on Saturday, while I was adding a few layers of quilt batting to the top of the bump so it doesn't look quite so like someone stuck a giant 'C' to my tummy. The pink lines are to remind me where the bottom of the bust line or high waist is and over which the bump must not spread.

Once I was done here, I added another two layers of batting over the whole thing, which smoothed out any sewing lines. Then I covered everything up with another sports vest, two sizes larger than the original. I sewed up the bottom, sides, arms and neckline, then added straps above the bump (under the bust) and between the legs to stop it shifting about when worn. No shifting is vitally important, otherwise the bump becomes very annoying and uncomfortable to wear.

I've just done a costume check and boy, oh boy do I look huge and whale like once I have skirts on. No pictures as Dave isn't around and I don't think I can do the outfit justice from a mirror. Do I look like I am carrying twins in this rig? Oh yes...

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Richard said...

Looking forward to seeing it, twin's eh sure its not quads it does look very big.