Thursday, July 26, 2007

Water, water everywhere...

It's been a quiet week so far as I recover from camping last weekend.

To say it rained is a bit of an understatement and we were very lucky to make it to site when we did. Many thanks have to be given to Richard who drove and bravely tackled what can only be described as a very hairy journey on Friday afternoon. We arrived only about an hour or so behind schedule having driven roads already under six inches of water in places and rapidly getting deeper. Pitching camp in the continuing downpour was not pleasant and for myself, once we were finally sorted I'd have happily crawled into my nice warm sleeping bag and stayed there! News from those travelling behind us told of roads being closed, massive detours and those real unfortunates who were marooned (along with their cars) on the motorway.

The event itself went ahead as planned and we did see enough breaks in the weather through the weekend to make it work. I've definitely played through worse and with the campsite sitting on sand, the surface water drained away quickly so things weren't too bad. Cold and damp couldn't be avoided though, as everything was so wet by the end of Friday night that it just didn't get a chance to dry out. Fortunately (being an experienced camper), I had plenty of gas and tea and the means to boil water which meant things were very much bearable.

The bump worked well although it was hard for people to really tell since I was swaddled in a long and full woolen cloak for most of the weekend. I did somehow manage to forget my jacket, but as I pointed out I was wearing four vests, my thermals and something in the order of sixty layers of padding, so I got by.

And to think I'd been worried about overheating at events this summer!

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Richard said...

Considering the weather we were very lucky to have such a good camp site.