Monday, July 02, 2007

One soggy weekend later

With the hoped for dry weather failing to materialise over the weekend, very little got done outdoors and I seem to have had an expensive few days.

I've reluctantly decided that I need to join the rest of the online world, connecting from a broadband ISP... I've also come to the reluctant conclusion that I may need my own computer. Hence, this weekend I placed an order with BT and parted with hard earned pennies so there is at least one decent computer in the house, rather than the hand-me-downs that I normally make do with.

Said newly acquired computer is now at work so I can configure it prior to discovering the joys of a proper internet connection at home.

I also headed into town and in a moment of weakness bought the only new craft offerings on the shelf in Waterstones. I had a couple more book tokens left over from Christmas - I do tend to hang on to them for months and months and months - so it wasn't as bad as it could have been and I walked away with a copy of Knitting Loves Crochet and Crocheted Accessories . The first one in particular looks fantastic, if I had the skill to make anything listed in there of course!

Saturday night, I finished the ribbon scarf I've been working on.

This one is pretty rather than practical and when it catches the light (demonstrated with a flash here) it really does come alive. Drop stitch knits up quickly and the ribbon wasn't too troublesome to use, although I did have tension issues when starting a new yarn. With such a loose stitch (8mm needles) and shiney, slippery ribbon it really didn't hold together too well. Fortunately, going around with a needle and carefully weaving through the ends took care of that though, as I was able to add tension to that first stitch with the new yarn.

As always, click on the images to see bigger versions.

I revisited the bump as planned, but discovered one downfall of making things so sturdily. My intention is to take the larger bump apart, reversing the final construction phases - which make it wearable - so I can get back to the padding. Then I'll start increasing the padding once more, before putting a new shell over the top and reattaching the straps. The theory is sound methinks, but when I sew something together I intend it to stay sewn together despite any rigours that it might suffer due to the stresses of LARP. Hence it took me a good two and a half hours yesterday with a seam ripper to gently remove the straps and outer layers.

I finally got there though and the bump is now divested of everything which makes it useable... Heres hoping I get it suitably grown and wearable in time for the next event!


Richard said...

2 and half hours with seam ripper is bad especially since your taking apart kit that could be used again, although I’m not expecting you to get another character pregnant again quickly that would be slightly careless.
So which bump have you taken apart, I assume the smaller one.

Work computers are like work phones for me, I know I should get my own but while work provides one why bother, still it sometimes awkward when a phone less co-worker needs a phone and take *mine* away from me.

Julie said...

I've taken the larger bump apart on the grounds that it will need less work to increase it in size.

The thing with work computers is that they tend to be smaller than needed and only just about fit for purpose. The constant whinge here is that if you ask for a computer and spec it up, you have a very slim chance of recieving what you asked for - which of course means that you place another series of requests for upgrades to bring it up to spec.

Frizbe said...

Yay for technological home advances :-), and have fun with sorting out the bump! There's a girl around here who sells those scarves for £15 a pop, so you know, if you're good at them, useful on the run upto Xmas.