Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tewkesbury and stuff

Today is Sunday and marvel all who read this. I am typing in my first ever blog entry from my new internet connection. Yes, we are now online at home although the truth be told and apart from the few hours I spent getting things working on Friday night, this is the first time I've logged on this weekend. I've been busy (as always) and so haven't really had much time to sit playing.

I took Friday off work and spent the majority of the day cleaning, while I waited for the internet to activate itself. I did finish a knitted washcloth I've been having a bit of an experiment with. The pattern for this one is simple enough since it was knitted on the diagonal, using a yarn over to give the holes around the edge. I decided to try putting a simple crocheted border on, but as you can see from the curling I think I got the tension wrong. Ho hum. Experience and all that, but that is why I was having an experiment.

Other than that I've started adding layers to the bump, work which is going well but is both time consuming and hard on the hands. It is definitely growing though, so progress is being made. Slow progress.

We headed off to Tewkesbury for the medieval fayre and battle yesterday where I was very good, not buying any fabric or yarns or... well anything craft related really. Mostly because I didn't see anything that caught my eye, despite several hours of searching. I was hoping to pick up a new lucet and maybe a fancy turned needlecase, but they were barely in evidence in the fayre. I did however pick up a music book and a couple of recorders, which means I suppose I'll have to teach myself how to play now.

We missed the battle itself due to being engrossed in shopping, although the guns were noticeably loud. This fellow was prowling around the market, pointing at people in an ominous fashion for some reason or other.

In all, a good - if long and very tiring - day. The weather held. I didn't spend too much money. Good company. Someone else was driving (Thanks Richard!) and much fun was had.


Richard said...

Sorry about insulting your washcloth, but the way it curled it did look like the start of hat :S

As per my blog post it was a good day, as you say good company, and apart from the minor panic over my camera Dave went a walk with (BTW I was far less calm on the inside) and no desert at the pub.... oh and sun burn.

What I want to know is how did you avoid sun burn I never saw you apply lotion or am I just easily burnt?

Julie said...

The washcloth does curl at the edges, but not enough for a hat, which would also have to be a lot larger - unless you're planning on wearing a flanel, hankie style on your head of course ;)

I didn't apply sunblock - although really I should have - so did catch a tiny amount of sun, more of a slight tanning really than burn. I put the difference down to wearing full sleeves and having hair. I'll get it cut up short again in a couple of weeks, then it will be a different story!

Frizbe said...

Glad you had a fun day :-)